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Signs you are overworked

Sometimes our body comply to the demands we seek. That’s a good news because at times we perform beyond our capability. Unfortunately, if we kept pushing and stressing our body and mind, it will take a down toll on ourselves and people around us. So, are you one that pushes yourself too much? Here are […]

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Procrastination has to stop!

Procrastination is defined as an action of postponing something. A very simple example would be school projects, some people love to keep those chores delayed until it’s almost the deadline, and they’ll then be rushing to get it done with. It’s a natural phenomenon for everyone to procrastinate once in awhile especially when required to […]

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How to stay mentally sharp

Do you know our brain only weigh 3-5% out of our body’s weight but takes up 20% of our body’s oxygen and glucose. This emphasises that our brain is one important organ in our body yet to be further explored by scientist. It’s just magical and complex on how our brain works as every single […]

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Ways to calm down when you’re about to lose it !

Anger is defined as an emotion that runs a scale from being mildly irritated to rage as describe by a psychologist in study of anger. Anger is just not an emotion itself, it brings about changes in our body like increasing our blood pressure and heart rate. Besides, it also involves rise in the adrenaline […]

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Teenager depressed sitting inside a dirty tunnel

Loneliness threatens your health

Everyone feel lonely once in awhile, but there are people out there who constantly feels it. Loneliness is not only just a human emotion it’s regarded as complicated emotional response. It has been reported that one in five individuals are lonely and most of them doesn’t have a close companion to even talk or hang […]

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Do’s & Don’t When Dealing With Dementia

Dementia is a very common disease in this era. In short, dementia is explained by the gradual loss of mental function that slowly leads to impairment of one’s ability to perform their daily basic activities. There are different types of dementia like Alzheimer’s dementia, vascular, Lewy body dementia and more. Out of all subtypes, Alzheimer’s […]

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Ways to STOP drinking

The World Health Organization has reported that approximately 2 billion people in the world consumes alcohol and 76.3 millions of people has been associated with alcohol use disorders. There are different types of drinking habits. First of all being moderate alcohol consumption. For a female, moderate drinking is considered 1 drink per day and as […]

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5 Ways To Boost Self Esteem

To start off, when anyone compliments you about your looks or even abilities, what’s your first response? A reply like ‘thank you so much’, shows you’re most probably confident. On the other hand, a reply like ‘oh no, i’m nothing like that’ categorize you to being the opposite. In short, when a person accepts and […]

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