Insurance Technology Lead

Tenure: Full Time Position (3-5 Years Experience)

Integrate digital health services with insurance partners through the latest technologies.


  • Responsible for the technology behind insurance support system
  • Lead a team of designers, front and backend developers
  • Manage deliverables and provide progress reports in a timely manner
  • Support conversion optimization initiatives and SEO initiatives
  • Attend daily Agile Scrum standups
  • Work as part of a dynamic, interactive Agile team developing and delivering digital services while also able to work independently
  • Able to learn fast in a dynamic environment
  • Ability to gather user requirements and deliver final product
  • Good communication, written, verbal and presentation skills

Technical Requirements

  • Ability to project manage a team and deliver outcomes on projects
  • Experience in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 is mandatory
  • Experience with NodeJS, ExpressJS or other backend systems
  • Experience with NoSQL databases like Google Firebase or MongoDB
  • Familiar with building APIs and microservices architecture
  • Ensuring high performance applications on mobile and desktop
  • Ensure proper unit testing, integration testing and user testing
  • Ability to work with version control systems (GitHub)
  • Familiar with best practice coding standards
  • Experience with designing conversion funnels and Google Analytics
  • Ability to design and develop chatbot applications
  • Ability to design and configure Robotic Process Automation systems e.g. Blueprism
  • Ability to automate tasks across various technology platforms

Additional Experience Considerations

  • Experience with DialogFlow
  • Experience with UI path or other RPA Suites
  • Experience with PMO tools like Jira
  • Experience with automated testing tools
  • Experience with Cybersecurity standards
  • Experience with CICD tools
  • Experience with BigQuery and DataStudio

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