Orthopedic Surgeon Specialist Dr Syed Ahmad Faisal Syed Kamaruddin

Dr Syed Ahmad Faisal Syed Kamaruddin

25 Years Experience Verified

About Doctor

Dr Syed Ahmad Faisal graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1997 with MD degree. He then served as an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Lecturer in Hospita ... See More



Orthopedic Surgeon


MD (UKM), Ms. Ortho (UKM), Fellowship in Shoulder in Knee Surgery (Australia)

Medical Registry

Malaysia Medical Council: 34769
National Specialist Register: 128087


Bahasa Malaysia

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Unexpected condition regards menstruation
Hello, I would like to ask a question. For the last 3 months every time I have my period or just before my period I feel sore, even like I have sprained my back, and whenever I move my body to a… Read More..
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4 m
Back pain near to hip
I am a woman,. My age is 51 years old . I have had back pain for the last 3 months. In the test report, the doctor said that fat was found in my liver. And because of that I have a lot of back p… Read More..
Answered ✓
8 m
Back pain and it really pain
I had back pain since 2 months ago. Even though I lay on bed, but I still feel the pain. Is it normal or not? What should I do? Read More..
Answered ✓
8 m
Low back pain
Salam alaikum. I am a woman in my 20s, i have back pain that started last year and it worsening this year where the back pain radiates to the buttock till the leg. I can feel numbness at my leg.… Read More..
Answered ✓
9 m
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