Catherine Kong

17 Years Experience
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BSc. Health Science (Dietetics) 1st Class Honours (USM), MSc. Food Science, Technology and Nutrition


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I have quit smoking a month ago
Dr, I have quit smoking a month ago. Been smoking for more than 40 years already. This decision was made because my daughter just gave birth and she wont allow me to hold my grandchild bcos of my ba… Read More..
Answered ✓
2 y
Severely underweight & how to gain weight?
Hi Doc, I’m 27, female and my body is severely underweight; height - 165cm, weight - 37kg (never reach 40kg throughout all these years). However for the past 4 years, I’d consider my body to be… Read More..
Answered ✓
14 m
What should do to loose some weight. Well my body looks fine I just have belly fat and the areas around it
I’m an international student, 24 years old and I weigh about a 100kg. 176 cm in height. I am looking to losing some kilos so I started working out ( strength training and cardio) 5 times a week.… Read More..
Answered ✓
17 m
Low blood pressure, and low blood sugar
Hello, I have a questions. I have a low blood sugar and low blood pressure. I want to start a diet because my BMI its already obese ? What methods can be used for me to take a healthy diet. Be… Read More..
Answered ✓
18 m
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Excellent service .. very informative and professional. Definitely will come back again. Highly recommended. Thanks DoctorOnCall.
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Catherine Kong

17 Years Experience
In person

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