Dr Mohd Ramzdhan Bin Mohd Masdar

11 Years Experience Verified

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Dr Ramzdhan graduated from Crimea State Medical University with MD in year 2010. He started his journey as a doctor in 2011 and has been serving both government and private sector until now.



General Practitioner (Primary Care Physician)



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Malaysia Medical Council: 55633


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Frequent Fever. I keep getting fever once or twice a week
Hi doctor. Im 26 years old and im frequently having the same fever symptom. Usually once a month or twice a month i will be having this symptom and fever. But my symptom major are neck pain and throat… Read More..
Answered ✓
18 d
Im having fever and my body is shaking a bit and im having headache also
Hi im jen and im 23 Im having fever and im also sensitive to painkillers such as voren,brufen and ibuprufen Can i take panadol soluble and it’s not a pain killer right Read More..
Answered ✓
31 d
Fever, coughing, sore throat
Hi, I was a closed contact to a person who positive on covid 19. I do PCR swab test the same day I got the news because I have symptoms like fever and cough. The next day the result out and came… Read More..
Answered ✓
53 d
Dengue Fever and Low Platelets Count
Greetings to the doctor… My brother had dengue for six days already and the platelets keep decreasing from (117 - 75 - 60). The advice given by the doctor-in-charge is to drink a lot of water a… Read More..
Answered ✓
3 m
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Dr Mohd Ramzdhan Bin Mohd Masdar

11 Years Experience Verified
Updated on: 26/11/2020
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