Dr Sashini Seeni

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Dr Sashini graduated with MBBS from Melaka Manipal Medical College in 2010. She has practiced for 8 years and was experienced in both private and government sector.



General Practitioner (Primary Care Physician)



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Malaysia Medical Council: 59392


Bahasa Malaysia

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Diarheaa and high temperature
Hi doctor, i had started diarheaa since Monday(4 times), Tuesday(3times), I visited clinic this morning and obtained medicine(Buscopan, Hidrasec and Lomotil)but my temperature is normal this mor… Read More..
Answered ✓
18 d
Day 3 fever, nause, vomit, orbital pain
Day 3 of fever, reach 40°c . Nausea, vomit. Orbital pain. I should go to GH for treatment or i can go to private hospital? I dont have any closed contact with covid patients either. Please help … Read More..
Answered ✓
34 d
Ongoing fever for the past week
Hi doctor Recently im experiencing an ongoing fever for the past week. When should I be worried ? Read More..
Answered ✓
59 d
Fever and chill with muscle ache
Experiencing fever until sweating, after taking paracetamol, will get better. After few hours, will start to get chill and shiver. With body muscle ache, can’t sleep well. No coughing at the mo… Read More..
Answered ✓
3 m
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David Teoh
Convenient when you are feeling too sick to drive yourself to the clinic for a simple condition. Result is the same.. consulted a doctor through phone and received my meds 2 hours later. Simple and easy to use.
Amir Fikri
Super easy to use for a quick chat with a doctor that's not worth driving through a traffic jam for. Will definitely use again.
Lukman Hakim
Attended by a warm patient care consultant and consulted by Dr. Fatahiyah over the telephone in a serene manner. It was indeed an excellent service. Keep up the good work!
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Dr Sashini Seeni

11 Years Experience Verified
Updated on: 5/1/2021
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