Dermatologist Specialist Puan Sri Datuk Dr Suraiya Hani Hussain

Puan Sri Datuk Dr Suraiya Hani Hussain

45 Years Experience Verified

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Puan Sri Datuk Dr Suraiya Hani Hussain graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree in 1977. She then ... See More






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Malaysia Medical Council: 22555
National Specialist Register: 127397


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Dealing with acne for 5years
Good morning doctor, I’m a 23years old guys who suffer acne for 5year. I had use fach wash, moisturizer and other product etc… I also go government hospital for y acne issue… they offer me ben… Read More..
Answered ✓
5 m
Mixing spot treatments
I suffered a breakout skin after consuming hormonal pills. I’m currently using Mycin T3 and my skin is getting better. So, I would like to ask is it ok to use Mycin T3 and Dermatix Acne+ Scar at… Read More..
Answered ✓
7 m
Advice for acne prone skin
Few years ago I went for dermatologist, I consumed isotretinoin and also apply differin. My doctor advised that I’m able to stop taking the medicine after 2.5 years. But after a year, my acne re… Read More..
Answered ✓
7 m
Acne and scars problem
Hello Dr. I’m a woman, 25 y/o who had acne n scars problem for many years since studies…I’ve tried many topical treatment before and it doesn’t work on my skin…I even go to facial treatment but … Read More..
Answered ✓
7 m
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Ameera Akmalia
DoctorOnCall is a very good platform to ask questions to doctors. Sometimes.. we are curious about our health condition but going out to clinic just to ask a question is quit incon ... See More
It was really easy to speak to a doctor and get my meds without queuing up. Will use again next time!
Quick response and professional consultation. They have the medicine that I couldn’t find at other pharmacies.
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