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Dr. Beh Wee Ren is one of our Clinical Consultants with special interest in Dental Aesthetics by replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants, teeth straightening with Orthodontic Braces and smile makeover with Digital Smile Design. Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Padjadjaran as one of the top overall students in the year 2010, Dr. Beh continued to obtain his Fellowship title from Asia Pacific Academy of Implant Dentistry (APAID) in 2012 and Board Membership from International Association of Implant and Orthodontic (IAOI) in 2015. He is currently completing his Master of Science in Dental Implantology (MOI) from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and attending his residency in the Master Class of Beethoven’s Orthodontics by Dr. Chris Chang, the Orthodontist living legend from Taiwan. Dr. Beh is currently the council member of Malaysian Oral Implantology Association (MOIA) and member of Malaysia Dental Association (MDA). He is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry (MAAD). His heart for the least fortunate has led him to offer free dental services in small villages in countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia. Dr. Beh’s mission is for everyone to smile confidently and enjoy their food by offering the highest quality of dental service and education.



Dental Surgeon


BDS (UNPAD), FAPAID, M. Sc. in Oral Implantology

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Malaysia Medical Council: 5052


Bahasa Malaysia

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In the mid of purchasing but so far seems smooth and price reasonable; cheaper than retail. Fast service. Will update accordingly....
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Dr Beh Wee Ren

13 Years Experience Verified
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