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Frequently Asked Question

What is asthma

Asthma is a condition that makes it hard to breathe. Asthma attack causes the airways in the lungs to become narrow and inflamed. It can run in families, and there is close association between allergy and asthma.

Asthma attack treatment

When you have an asthma attack, please use quick-relief medicines immediately to stop the symptoms within 5-15 minutes. Medications that provide fast relief of asthma attack include:

  • 1. Short-acting beta-agonists (Bronchodilators)
  • 2. Antocholinergics
  • 3. Systemic cortocosteroids

What medication do you take for asthma 

There are 2 main types of asthma medicines: (A) Medications that provide fast relief of asthma attack include:

  • 1. Short-acting beta-agonists (Bronchodilators)
  • 2. Systemic cortocosteroids (B) Long-term control medicines.
  • 3.Antocholinergics

Generally, over-the-counter medications for asthma are generally discouraged. You should talk to a doctor about your asthma symptoms.

Home remedies for asthma attack

There are many natural remedies you can do to relieve asthma symptoms, such as yoga (breathing exercises can help to relieve stress), asthma diet (Avoid foods that trigger an allergy attack if you have allergic asthma) or acupuncture (this improves breathing).

How to treat asthma attack

When there are symptoms of asthma attack, you should give quick-relief medicine to the patient immediately. Wait for a few minutes and if no improvement, give another puff according to your asthma action plan (which is given by your doctor). Notify the nearest healthcare provider if no improvement at all. 

Symptoms of asthma attack

Symptoms of asthma attack include: tightening of muscles around your airways, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and difficulty in performing normal daily activities.

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