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  • For adults aged 18 and above
  • Required to maintain 'fully vaccinated' status on MySejahtera*
  • Prolonged and continuous immunity against Covid-19


Keep the little ones protected
  • Double dose vaccination
  • For children aged 5 and above
  • Essential for immunity against Covid-19
Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean your life is back to normal. Please practice hand hygiene, wear a mask in public and avoid crowded places. Remember, there are many vulnerable people out there who haven't or couldn't get vaccinated. We are not safe until everyone is safe.

Why book via DoctorOnCall?

Our patient care consultant will ensure a seamless experience by assisting you on every step of the booking process.
We will ensure minimal waiting time & guide you so you have a hassle-free vaccination experience.
Get your vaccine appointment set from wherever you are, whenever.
Who can get vaccinated?
5 years old and above as January 2021

What should you bring during the vaccination?
Please bring your ID or passport for registration

How do vaccines protect you?

Vaccines contain a weakened/dead or fragments of the pathogen
By getting the vaccination, your immune system recognizes the pathogen as the enemy and starts producing antibodies against it
Congratulations! Your body has built immunity against the virus. If you are infected in the future, your body will immediately recognize and fight it.


1. Always practice the ""Covid appropriate behavior""
2. Stay home, stay safe

Visiting relatives & friends, attending large gatherings and visiting crowded places are considered high-risk behaviour. These activities can allow the transmission of the virus to occur much faster and on a larger scale. Therefore, everyone should stay at home and only go out if it is really necessary.
3. If you are suspected, get tested

As the number of positive cases getting higher, anyone can be a carrier of the virus. If you have symptoms or think you may have come in contact with a COVID-positive person, isolate yourself and get tested immediately. Be responsible for the safety of the people around you.
Book COVID-19 RT-PCR Test
4. Stay positive; we are in this together

The pandemic has brought us all a huge challenge. From staying at home, working from home, learning from home and many had their source of income affected. Let’s all do our part and fight this pandemic together. Wear your mask, social distance, clean your hands and isolate yourself if you are infected or had close contact with one. May we overcome this hurdle soon and hug our loved ones again.

Frequently Asked Questions

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