Dosage and Active Ingredients

Dosage and Active Ingredients Noflux

Noflux is made of lysozyme chloride and the effects of Noflux drug depends on its use and dosage taken. If the symptoms do not decrease, please talk to the doctor for another solution.

You are advised to take this medicine during meals or after meals. This medication should only be taken after a dose determined by the doctor.

You can buy Noflux from the nearest pharmacy. There is also another generic version. Generally, these drugs are not considered overpriced, and may be taken as prescribed in a doctor's prescription.

Please check the expiry date above the drug package. It is produced by YSP Industries.
How to take Noflux? - Swallow the pill and do not chew. Take according to the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Professional Opinion

Professional opinion on Noflux

How does it work? 
  • It works by reducing the sputum or pus viscosity in chronic sinusitis patients and increasing the seepage production by activating the movement of "ciliated epithelial cells".
  • Patients with kidney or liver disease need to consult the doctor before taking Noflux.
  • Dose should be taken following the doctor's advice. Make sure enough time is given for dosage time.
  • The time for this medication to give its effects depends on the reason for its intake and the dosage of the drug taken.
  • If there is no symptom reduction within 30 minutes to an hour after the medication is taken, please talk to the doctor for another solution.
  • Do not take this medicine under the advice of your family members or friends. And do not give this medicine to anyone even if you feel they have the same symptoms.
  • Always check the expiry date shown on the package or with the pharmacist before purchasing the drug.
  • Store Noflux at room temperature and not to expose the medicine to sunlight heat.
  • Especially for women, please talk to a gynecologist if you have menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain etc so doctors can advise when & how to take this medicine.
  • Stop taking Noflux or tell your doctor if you experience any rash or other side effects.
  • Noflux has several side effects and functions, users are advised to read the following article carefully before making a decision.

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Precautions & interactions Noflux

Before taking Noflux, please refer to the doctor's advice especially if you have any of the following illnesses. Contraindicated disease:
-Allergy to egg white
-Allergies to Noflux or any other of its ingredients
-Bronchial asthma
-Drug and food allergy
-Severe renal impairment
-It is not recommended for use by babies. Please keep it away from them.

Please stop taking the medication if you have the following symptoms.

Before you take this medicine, please tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. Remember the following:

-Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight
-Avoid using this medicine in prolonged time
-Alcohol may affect your liver if taken with this medicine

Tell your doctor about any other illness you are experiencing or about your other medications
use. Do not stop taking medicines that have been determined by the doctor

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Questions about Noflux

1. I forgot to take a dose of Noflux on a specific day. What should I do?
If you forget to take a dose of your medicine, please take the medication once you remember. But if the time has come or is near for the next dose, ignore the unnecessary dosage. In such a situation, avoid taking twice as much dosages as advised.
2. I used over the Noflux medication from the recommended quantities. What steps should I take?
If you think you have taken Noflux more than recommended quantities, please consult your doctor's advice immediately. Medication overdose may lead to undesirable side effects.
3. Is it safe to take Noflux during pregnancy?
There is no information about the use of Noflux during pregnancy. You should consult the obstetrician for further information before taking the medicine. Pregnant women should look into the benefits and disadvantages of the drug with a doctor before taking it.
4. Is it safe to use Noflux when breastfeeding?
There is no information about the use of Noflux during breastfeeding. You should consult the obstetrician for further information before taking the medicine. Pregnant women should look into the benefits and disadvantages of the drug with a doctor before taking it.
5. Can I drive a vehicle when taking Noflux?
It is not recommended. Noflux may cause you to feel drowsiness and sleepiness. It can also interrupt the mindset. Additionally, it can also cause blurred vision. It is not safe for you to drive when you experience the symptoms.
6. Does the use of Noflux lead to addiction?
No. Medications than can lead to  addiction are usually classified under the list of H or X tables in India and the list of tables 2-5 in the US state. Please read the information listed on the medication pack carefully.

7. I already taken a dose of the drug that has passed the expiry date. What should I do?

Taking a dose of Noflux that have passed the expiry date may not bring any adverse effects. But you are encouraged to talk to a doctor as a precautionary measure.

8. Is Noflux medication safe to use?
Yes, Noflux is safe to use if the dosage taken is as advised by your doctor.

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What customers say about Noflux

Noflux is an effective medicine .

I would recommend Noflux to everyone because its not expensive and shows great results.

Ive been suggested by my Doctor Noflux and so far it has been okay.

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