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Contraception protects women against pregnancy. There are various contraception methods available in the market. Factors that may affect your choice of contraception methods include effectiveness, safety, acceptability and availability. Contraception methods can be divided into two main categories, namely reversible and irreversible methods. Reversible contraception methods are further divided into barrier methods, hormonal methods, intrauterine contraception, emergency contraception, calendar method, lactational amenorrhea method, withdrawal method and basal body temperature method. Barrier methods include male or female condoms and diaphragm. Hormonal methods include combined oral contraceptives, progestin-only pill, progestin-only injectables, combined contraceptive patch, implant, and hormonal vaginal contraceptive ring. Meanwhile, intrauterine contraception involves the use of copper intrauterine device and the levonorgestrel intrauterine system. Emergency contraception includes emergency contraceptive pills and copper intrauterine device. Irreversible contraception methods include vasectomy (male sterilisation) and tubal ligation (female sterilisation). Some contraception methods also protect you from sexually transmitted infections. These include male and female condoms.
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