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Gentamicin (Eye and Ear)

Information About Gentamicin (Eye and Ear)

Uses of Gentamicin (Eye and Ear)

Gentamicin is usually used for bacterial infection of the eye.

How Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) Works

Gentamicin is an antibiotic which works by inhibiting growth of bacteria and treats infection.

Side Effects of Gentamicin (Eye and Ear)

Eye Irritation, Skin Rashes, Burning Or Discomfort In The Eye,

Information Updated on : Tue Jun 01 2021 13:05:03 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)

Available Medicine for Gentamicin (Eye and Ear)

Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) Related Warnings

Alcohol Safe

It is safe to consume alcohol and Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) as there is no drug interaction between them.

Pregnancy Limited Data

The safety of Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) in human pregnancy is not established. Therefore, Gentamicin Eye should only be used for pregnant women after careful risk/benefit assessment by the doctor.

Lactation Limited Data

It is not known whether Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) is excreted into the human breastmilk. It is not advisable to apply topical Gentamicin Eye on the chest to avoid accidental contact with the infant.

Driving Use With Care

Do not drive if you this Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) affects your vision after application.

Kidney Use With Care

Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) is safe to use in patients with kidney disease.

Liver Use With Care

Gentamicin (Eye and Ear) is safe to use in patients with liver disease.

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