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Ear & Nasal Care

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Ear & Nasal Care

Cutivate 0.05% Cream

100 g (tube)

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Reviews (535)

Mardiana Abdul Azis
very fast reply via whatsapp and over the phone. convenience for me to get the medicine as just done the surgery. recommended for those who have busy lifetime and having issue with transport.
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Amirul Faiz Bin Idris
Very helpful and fast reponse
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Ainul Basyirah
Life becomes easier with this kind of service. Wish I've known it sooner. No need to leave the house simply to meet a doctor and get medications. Definitely recommended.
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Lukman Hakim
Attended by a warm patient care consultant and consulted by Dr. Fatahiyah over the telephone in a serene manner. It was indeed an excellent service. Keep up the good work!
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