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ahmad daniel
Definitely the smartest thing to be created. I saved so much time from not walking to the clinic and waiting for my consultation. 10/10 Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
eBiz Solution Irene
Responded fast.. convenient and reasonable price. 👍👍👍👍👍 Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Nuruljannah Ramli
Save time. No need to wait in the long queue of the clinics/hospitals to get consultation and medication is delivered to the doorstep. Highly recommended. Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Dream Catcher
First time use doctor on call services.. the doctor and service very pleasant..sangat memuaskan and responds dari doctor pon sekejap.. For those yang tak ada masa utk pergi klinik can get the consultancy from doctor on call..very recommended.. Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi