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Kesihatan Sistem Pencernaan

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Kesihatan Sistem Pencernaan

Motigut 1mg/ml Suspension

60 ml (bottle)

Tiada Dalam Stok
Kesihatan Sistem Pencernaan

Motilium 1mg/ml Suspension

100 ml (bottle)

Tiada Dalam Stok
17% OFF
Kesihatan Sistem Pencernaan

Daflon 500mg Tablet

30 tabs (box)

RM 48.00 RM 58.00
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Ulasan (839)

Mardiana Abdul Azis
very fast reply via whatsapp and over the phone. convenience for me to get the medicine as just done the surgery. recommended for those who have busy lifetime and having issue with transport.
Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Doctor is so friendly and explained well on required medication. So convenient and hassle free from long queue in Clinic.
Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Gurunathan Govindan
Amazing service! I get my monthly medicines/supplements quickly and delivered directly to me - often at prices cheaper than the pharmacy. Highly recommended.. they also have doctors available for prescription medication or if you have other issues you need them to quickly and efficiently answer from the comfort of your home.
Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
King Lee Wong
Great experience with the doctor on call service as the consultation was done with a simple phone call from doctor who was kind and professional in her consultation. Prescription also is delivered free to doorstep. Very convenient and easy.
Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi