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KL Wong
Very good response and service. Made an order for meds via whatsapp and the team responded very well & helped with the prescription. Same day delivery.. too. Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Marissa Zahara
Very friendly and helpful portal that replies to your query even at ungodly hour at 6AM! With very detailed.. thorough.. and solid proofs of the doctors you're consulting with.. you dont have to worry whether it's legit or not! Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Jeremy Teo
Efficient platform with very quick response rate. Wasn't expecting such a quick reply on a public holiday but surprised to get a reply within minutes of sending a message. Great stuff! Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi
Good experience talking with a doctor online!Medicine delivered to your doorstep at low prices! Lihat Semua Ulasan Lihat Lagi