Healthy vs Unhealthy weight loss

Losing weight during Ramadan is a normal thing that many people look forward to experiencing this month.

But there’s a difference between losing weight the right way, and losing weight the unhealthy way.

To ensure you lose weight properly, be sure to watch your diet!

Try these supplements to lose weight effectively

PHM Caloleast Capsule

It helps with reducing weight, reshape cores i.e.,

waist and hips and maintain healthy blood lipids.

Blackmores Lecithin 1200 Capsule

Lecithin is important to help your body metabolise

fat to be used by other parts of the body.

Total Image S Tummy Capsule

Helps reduce belly fat, relieve constipation, reduce

flatulence and improve bowel movement.

Don’t forget  to take these supplements to get you through the day!

Blackmores Celery 7000mg Tablet

Reduces the symptoms of occasional episodes of gout, mild rheumatic aches, and supports healthy digestive system function.

Kordel’s Spirulina 1000mg Tablet

Helps maintain your weight, body pH balance

and improves digestive system.

Suitable for the elderly.

Bio-Life A.B Adult Gold Prebiotics

& Probiotics Sachet

Helps promote healthy digestion, bowel movement and maintaining good gut health.

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