Close to a month now of fasting, your hair, skin, and nails are probably showing signs of nutrient imbalance.

 If the skin on your palms seem dry and flaky, and your hair and nails seem brittle, 

Worry not 

Luckily, certain supplements help counter dietary shortfalls, so you feel and look your best from inside out!

Here are all the things you need to look your best this Hari Raya!

For healthy hair!

Blackmores Bio Zinc Plus Tablet

Pyridoxine, or B6

GNC Biotin 600mcg Caplets

Biotin, aka vitamin B7

Iberet Folic 500mg Tablet

Folic acid, or B9

Give your skin a treat

Bio-Life Vita D3 1000 Capsule

Vitamin D

Blackmores Fish Oil 1000mg Capsule

Omega-3 fatty acids



Be young inside – out

Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg Capsule

Supplement A

Blackmores Collagen 10000mg

Supplement B

Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Gummies

Supplement C

360 Care for your whole body

Berocca Effervescent Tablet

Supplement A

Flavettes Vitamin C+ Zinc Effervescent Tablet

Supplement B

Surbex-750 Zinc Tablet

Supplement C

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