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Frequently Asked Questions

Early signs of pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy can be noticed within one week of conception.

  • Late period - The first alarming sign of being pregnant
  • Spotting - It is much lighter than normal, and if a few days earlier than expected, you may actually be experiencing implantation bleeding.
  • Tender and heavy feeling breast .
  • Nauseous - Having a morning sickness which can actually occur anytime of the day.

What is the first sign of pregnancy?

Missing your period is your first sign of pregnancy usually followed by tender breast which are growing.

How to know if you are pregnant?

If you are experiencing some early symptoms of pregnancy, now is the best time to talk to a doctor.

How to control pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a blessing if planned but unwanted or unplanned pregnancy can be real trouble. Here are few suggestion for you in order to prevent pregnancy.

  • Avoid unprotected sex
  • Don't miss a daily contraceptive pill
  • Take your contraceptive pills at a regular times
  • Avoid unprotected sex during your period

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