DoctorOnCall Making House Calls Online

Published at : LiveAtPC
Published on: 4 Oct 2019

Malaysia now has its very own online telehealth platform that connects patients with an extensive network of doctors and medical practitioners through voice or video calls. The platform, is the first of its kind in Malaysia and aims to accelerate the telemedicine sector in the country.


In the United States alone, a total of 1.25 million call consultations were documented in 2015, showing a demand of telemedicine services to increase significantly in 2018. provides patients with access to non-emergency medical care anytime and anywhere – even in the comfort of their own home. Through the user-friendly website, patients can benefit from the quality service, high availability and minimal waiting time of 5-7 minutes.

The platform also aims to encourage patients to speak up about tight-lipped subjects with better privacy such as sexual health, menstrual disorders, erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV.

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