DoctorOnCall Partners Merchantrade Money to Offer Convenient Digital Health Service to App Users

Published at : Business Insider
Published on: 4 Mar 2020

Recently, DoctorOnCall has signed a Partnership agreement with Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (Merchantrade). This partnership will allow users of the Merchantrade Money application to access online consultations with accredited doctors and e-pharmacy, purchase medication safely and have them delivered conveniently. Merchantrade Money users just have to click on the icon "talk to a doctor" and "e-pharmacy, following a consultation. 

This collaboration will ensure the provision of quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for the convenience of Merchantrade Money users by DoctorOnCall. Merchantrade Money users include regular travelers as well as the financially under-served, who utilize the app regularly to make payments in foreign currencies, remit in-app and even withdraw cash at ATMs.  

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