Pfizer collaborates with DoctorOnCall to empower patients in Malaysia

Published at : BioSpectrum Asia
Published on: 5 Apr 2021

Pfizer has announced its collaboration with DoctorOnCall to launch a digital therapeutics platform that focuses on three key therapeutic areas namely smoking cessation, vaccination, and heart health.

Catering to an increasingly tech-savvy and mobile audience, the digital therapeutics platform is designed to empower Malaysians to take charge of their health, help improve disease management and quality of life while providing guidance and resources to facilitate better communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

The digital therapeutics platform spans across three "health centres" on DoctorOnCall's website that houses resources for the following therapeutic areas in Bahasa Malaysia and English:

  • Health Centre – Smoking Cessation / Pusat Kesihatan – Berhenti Merokok
  • Health Centre – Vaccination / Pusat Kesihatan – Vaksinasi
  • Health Centre – Heart Health / Pusat Kesihatan – Kesihatan Jantung

The three health centres provide patients with a rich user experience, where they will have access to an array of health tips and articles, educational videos as well as engagement tools such as quizzes and games, for e.g. smoking savings calculator, hypertension risk factor quiz and vaccination games amongst others.

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