Treating industry woes one issue at a time

Published at : The Edge
Published on: 10 Mar 2020

Medicine prices in Malaysia are on the rise. According to a 2019 report published by global professional services firm Aon, medical rates in the country are estimated to have increased 13.6% last year, the highest in Asia-Pacific. For comparison, the Consumer Price Index nudged up only 0.7% during the period.

A study published by the pharmaceutical services division of the Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that only 13% of the population receive medication free of charge under the public healthcare system . The remaining 87% have to foot their own medical bills either in cash or through payment schemes such as medical insurance.

However, drug prices are not equal across the board. An expose published by The Star in October last year revealed that there could be as much as 150% difference in price between the medicines sold by private clinics and hospitals and those sold by independent pharmacies.

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