U Mobile unveils 5G initiatives, partners with DoctorOnCall

Published at : TheSunDaily
Published on: 17 Dec 2019

LANGKAWI: Despite being the youngest among the top five national telecommunications (telco) operators, U Mobile Sdn Bhd is among the first to unveil its 5G digital initiatives at the spectrum’s test site here today.

The wireless-powered 5G spectrum is expected to galvanize the digital age with faster, clearer and precise connectivity for visual, sound and voice.

Among the mooted capabilities are overseeing autonomous vehicles, drones and high-speed connectivity for remote sensing areas.

The Berjaya Langkawi & Spa Resort here was selected as one of the three test sites to roll out 5G uplink initiatives for the consumer marketplace. The other two are Kedah and Selangor.

Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is expected to formally launch the initiative here next month.

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