Below is a list of common conditions consulted as well as treatments and services provided by a Dentist.This is a common list for reference purposes. You should consult your Dentist for any queries.

Common Conditions Consulted

Tooth Erosion
Knocked Out Tooth
Sensitive Teeth
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Dental Calculus
Tooth Worm
Tender Gums
Rotten Teeth
Tooth Discoloration
Bleeding Gums
Denture Problems
Dental Abrasion
Gic Tooth Fillings
Facet Dental
Crowded Teeth
Dental Plaque
Tetracycline Stains
Periodontal Disease
Impacted Tooth
Dental Traumatic Injuries
Abnormal Tooth Color
Swollen Gums
Receding Gums
Painful Teething
Teeth Sensitive To Hot And Cold
Dental Tartar
Loose Teeth
Chipped Tooth
Tooth Decay
Fractured Tooth
Crooked Teeth
Dental Cavities
Tooth Loss
Dental Abscess
Tooth Sensitivity
Kids Root Canals
Widely Spaced Teeth
Pyorrhoea Treatment
Misaligned Teeth
Tooth Abscess
Wisdom Teeth
Stained Teeth
Missing Teeth
Delayed Tooth Formation
Broken Teeth
Abnormally Shaped Teeth
Cracked Teeth
Dental Caries

General Treatment and Services

Lingual Orthodontics
Microscope Assisted Root Canal Treatment
Immediate Implant Placement In Extraction Sockets
Implant Removal
Osseointegrated Implants
Bleeding Gums Treatment
Dental Braces Fixing
Ceramic Facing Crown
Damon System
Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening
Retainers And Splinting
Paediatric Tooth Filling
Dental Implant Fixing
Tooth Bleach
Implant Retained Dentures
Dental Checkup (General) Dental X-Ray
Sedation Dentistry
Dental Sleep Medicine (Snoring And Sleep Apnea Management)
Laser Gingivoplasty
Re-Root Canal Treatments
Cosmetic Recountouring Of Teeth
Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Dental Crowns
Veneers Crowns And Bridges
Metallic Crown Fixing
Immediate Teeth Replacement With Teeth Xpress From Bio Horizon
Dental Ceramics
Preparation For Dentures
Fixed Retainers
Onlay (Ceramic)
Advanced Surgery In Implantology
Dental Fillings
Canal Treatment
Management Of Early Childhood Caries
Pediatric Space Maintainers
Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)
Dental Screening And Prophylaxis
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Periondontal Care
Dental Management Under General Anesthesia
Tooth Filling
Dental Contact Lens
Complete or Partial Dentures Fixing
Dental X-Ray
Dental Services Laser Skin Rejuvenation Immediate Loading Implants
Emergency Dental Treatment
Dental Sealant
Canine Surgical Exposure
Zirconia Crowns
Painless Single Visit Root Canal Treatment
Bone Grafting For Dental Implants
Tooth Extraction
Partial Or Complete Denture
Space Maintainers
Discolored Tooth Restoration
Dental Fluorosis
Teeth Replacement With Implants In Three Days
Ceramic Veneers or Crowns
Mouth Guard
Treatment For Swollen & Bleeding Gums
Porcelain Inlays And Onlays
Single Day Denture Fabrication
Complete Denture Procedure
Correction Of Deformities
Artificial Teeth
Endodontic Treatments
Vein Removal
Removable Partial Denture Per Tooth
Single Sitting RCT
Implant or Root Canal Treatment(RCT)
Impacted Tooth Extraction
Teeth Whitening
Dental Sleep Medicine (Snoring And Sleep Apnea Management)
Canine Exposure
IOPA & OPG X - Ray
Tartar Removal
Dental Deep Cleaning
Porcelain Veneers
Ceramic Crowns And Bridges Fixing
Endo Surgery Or Apicoectomy
Precision Denture
Implant Related Dentures
Veneer Porselen
Dental Prophylaxis
Gum Depigmentation Treatment
Toothache Remedies
Mucogingival Surgery
Removal Partial Denture (RPD)
Flexible Partial/Complete Denture
Retention Implant Dentures
Pit And Fissure Sealant
Dental Crowns
Tooth Coloured Fillings
Implant Supported Denture Fixing
Ceramic Dental Braces
Occlusal Therapy
Presurgical Orthodontics
Lava Crown
Veneers Or Laminates
Amalgam Removal
Inlay - Porcelain Or Ceramic
Periodontal Flap Surgery With Bone Grafting
Periodontal Flap Surgery
Tooth Air Polishing
Metal Braces Fixing
Bleaching Of Vital & Non Vital Teeth
Fixed Prosthodontics
Immediate Dentures
Laser Gum Surgery
Dental Laminates
Implants(Fixed Teeth)
Scaling Periodontal
Dentures ( Metal Based ) Dental Services/ Ful Dental (Acrylic) / Teeth Whitening
Metal Partial Denture
Overdentures Fixing
BPS Dentures Fixing
Amalgam Removal Composite Bondings
Composite Bondings
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing
Braces Adjustment
Teeth Straightening
Crowns And Bridges
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Pit And Fissure Treatment
Myofunctional Orthodontics
Partial Denture (Metal Based)
Tooth Impaction Surgery
Dental Surgery
Dental Examinations
Full Denture (Acrylic)
Partial Denture Of Mold
Implant Prosthesis
Mouth Piece Or Night Guard
Acrylic Partial Denture
Cast Partial Denture
Surgical Tooth Extraction
Invis Align
Inlays And Onlays
Composite Inlays And Onlays
Pediatric Tooth Extraction
Dental Checkup (General)
Dental Restoration
Myo Funtional Orthodontic Or TMD Management
Dental Treatment
Preposthetic Surgery (Frenectomy
Teeth Reshaping