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Dermatologists are the doctors that are experts on skin problems such as acne, hair problems such as hair loss, and nail related problems. Dermatologists also treat other skin related problems such as psoriasis, eczema, pigmentation, and skin infections.

Do you have skin problems? Looking for the best dermatology clinics and dermatologists near me in Malaysia that offer the best quality, and safe services at an affordable price in Malaysia?

DoctorOnCall forum receives hundreds of questions about skin problems every week. Most skin problems are chronic and require advice from a Top dermatologist in Malaysia. We understand your difficulty in finding clinics that provide dermatology consultation with the best prices and quality.

How do you know if a dermatologist can provide the services that you need? The number of skin clinics out there is not small, and you will definitely have a hard time making a choice.

​The skin clinic we listed are clinics registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia.​

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Surgery For Stable Vitiligo Laser Erbium Yag Small Dermatology Services Skin Treatment Pimple Free Treatments Removal Of Warts Dermatosurgery Bacterial Skin Infection Treatment Burns Treatment Acne Scar Treatment Dull Skin Treatment Hyper Pigmentation Treatment Mohs Micrographic Surgery Keratosis Treatment Laser Assisted Lichen Planus Pigmentation Removal Mole Excission Skin Cancer Screening Intralesional Steroid Injection Nail Surgery Treatment For Psoriasis & Eczema Molluscum Removal IPL Vascular Lesion Sun Burn Treatment Vitiligo Treatment Removal Of Moles Skin Surgery Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy Acne or Pimple Scars Treatment Nail Diseases Treatment Scar Treatment Laser Assisted Ulcer Treatment Skin Tags Removal Keloids Removal Corn And Callus Treatment Dermoscopy TCA Cross Skin Tag Treatment Scar Revision Alopecia Areta Treatment Lichen Planus Treatment Intra-Lesional Infiltration Psoriasis Treatment Melasma Treatment Tinea Versicolor Treatment Skin Mole Removal Keloid Or Scar Treatment Leprosy Treatment And Rehab Proton Therapy Skin Rash Treatment Acne or Pimples Treatment Dermatitis Treatment Melanoma Treatment Mohs Surgery Skin Hair And Nail Analysis Phototherapy Surgical Dermatology Skin Disease Treatment Melanocyte Transfer Milia Extraction Skin Prick(Allergy) Test Laser Treatment For Ringworm Iontophoresis Cyst or Mole Excision Milia Removal Stretch Marks Treatment Skin Peeling Mole Check Corn Removal Scar Revision Surgery Skin Biopsy Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Birth Mark Removal Skin Tag Surgical Removal Medical Vitiligo Treatment Removal Of Skin Tags Biopsy Scar Revision By Laser Laser Depigmentation Surgical Vitiligo Treatment Hair & Nail Analysis Dermatologic Surgery Eczema Treatment