7 Surprising Benefits Of Garlic That Can Boost Your Health

October 28, 2021 | Written By: Haris Asyraf

Garlic has various benefits and nutrients for our health. It is not only used as a cooking ingredient but it can also be used to treat various ailments. The doctors are also recommending people to eat roasted garlic as it helps in treating diseases such as heart disease and hypertension. Besides, raw garlic also can be used for beauty benefits such as treating acne. Let us get to know more about garlic in this article.

The main component of garlic which is very beneficial for our health is Allicin. Allicin has antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant properties and also has the ability to treat inflammation. Allicin can be obtained when the garlic is minced, pounded or chopped. In addition to allicin, garlic contains vitamins B and C. Although garlic is small in size, it has various components that are beneficial in treating various diseases.

Benefits of garlic

  • Preventing Heart Diseases

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases among Malaysians, which are caused by their unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

The good news for garlic enthusiasts, eating raw or roasted garlic can prevent hypertension. Garlic can increase the production of nitric oxide and indirectly dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Eating a clove of raw garlic every day can reduce the risks of clogged blood vessels by cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis.

  • Diabetes Mellitus and Garlic

If you are a diabetic patient, garlic can help you to improve your condition. One of the benefits of garlic is to control blood sugar levels. In one study, scientists have found that eating raw or roasted garlic can prevent diabetes patients from getting diabetic complications.

  • Special Benefits For Men

The prostate is an important gland in a man's body. Swelling of the prostate gland or prostatitis often occurs in older men. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce and prevent this condition. 

Studies also showed that garlic has anti-cancer properties and men who consumed garlic in their daily diet can reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer by 50%.

  • Treatment for acne

A lot of people want smooth and acne-free skin. Allicin in garlic has been found to be able to kill acne-causing bacteria. Garlic also helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and improve blood circulation. All these properties are helpful in improving the health of your skin.

You can cut a clove of garlic and apply it to the acne-prone area. If you experience an itching or burning sensation on the skin it is advisable to remove the garlic from the skin.

If your skin is sensitive to garlic, you can try to dilute it with water. Chop the garlic and mix it with a tablespoon of water and place them on the pimples for a few minutes. Rinse with water and let it dry.

  • Increasing your immunity 

Have you ever tried eating garlic with honey? A rather strange mixture, but it is rich in nutrients. Garlic and honey can help to reduce colds and increase our immunity.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for colds. Allicin in garlic enhances the response of white blood cells to the virus. If you have a cold, you can eat garlic to reduce the symptoms or practice its intake daily to boost your immunity.

  • Improving Athlete’s Performances

Garlic can also be used to improve the performance of athletes. This method has been practised by Olympic athletes since Greek times. Garlic is traditionally used to relieve fatigue. However, no scientific studies have successfully proven the effectiveness of garlic in this situation.

  • Garlic as a treatment for lice infestation

Of course, no one has thought of using garlic as a treatment for lice infestation. How is it possible for garlic to treat lice infestation? This is because lice are not fond of the smell and taste of garlic. You can make a mixture of garlic and water and use it to wash the lice-infested hair. A mixture of water and garlic can also be used to repel mosquitoes and flies.

How to Use the Benefits of Garlic

There are various ways that can be done to get the full benefits of garlic. While eating raw garlic can be beneficial, you should not take it excessively.

When you are using garlic in cooking, mince the garlic first and leave it out for 10 minutes before you start cooking to activate the allicin component. If you are worried that the nutrients of garlic are lost in the cooking process, scientists recommend increasing the quantity of garlic in your cooking.

If you are roasting garlic, it is advisable to do it in less than 60 seconds in the oven or on the stove to maintain its nutrients. Roasting garlic for more than 60 seconds can deactivate the allicin component in it.

Tips to get the maximum benefits of garlic are as follows:

  • Cut or slice the garlic before eating

  • Mince the garlic and leave it out for 10 minutes before adding in the cooking

  • Use garlic in large quantities in your cooking

Follow the steps below if you want to make a mixture of garlic and honey:

  • 1 cup of honey

  • 10 cloves of garlic

  • 1 glass container with a cover

Peel and crush 10 cloves of garlic. Mix the honey and garlic in a container. Cover and leave it in a dry place for 7 days. After 7 days, you can dissolve the mixture in water or consume it one tablespoon daily.

Side effects of garlic

Although garlic has many nutrients and benefits, they do have some unpleasant side effects, including causing bad breath and a burning sensation. Some people are even allergic to garlic, while some others have reported a burning or itching sensation when garlic is applied to the skin. If you use garlic to treat skin diseases and suffer from such symptoms, it is advisable to stop using it directly on the skin and mix the garlic with water before use.

Garlic has a lot of nutrients and if you use it in the right way, you can take full advantage of its benefits. So, don’t forget to add garlic to each of your meals!


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