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What is COVID-19 Vaccination?

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COVID-19 Vaccine
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Self quarantine & COVID19 vaccination

Good morning doctor, If I may ask, would a self-quarantine be required prior to or post to getting a Covid19 vaccine? And are there any other requirement I need to prepare prior to receiving t…Read More

Covid-19 Vaccination For Lactate Women

I am fully breastfeed my baby and she just turned 4 months old. Should i take the vaccine, what are the symptoms might be or does it effect my lactation? Thank you.Read More

Asking for my dad about vaccination whether he is eligible to take it or not

Good evening doctor, my dad is 74 years old. He have stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol and COPD and a smoker. May I know will he be able to receive this vaccine or not as he have a lot of d…Read More

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