I Have Chest Pain. Is It COVID-19, Heart Attack, Or COVID-19?

August 12, 2020 | Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Greetings doctor! I hope that you are doing fine and healthy holding the responsibility of the frontliners in our country and together we help each other combating the COVID-19 pandemic. I have some questions and confusion regarding this health issue. Due to the restriction movement order, we are told to stay at home and to limit our movement outside. After several days and weeks of strictly following the order, I think I started to experience symptoms of chest pain. It is quite vague and I'm pretty worried about it. I would like to know whether it is due to any of the heart problems that I may experience, or is it due to COVID-19 or something else. Please help me doctor and thanks a million!
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Hello there. Thank you for your kind words. Indeed, together, we will help to stop the spreading of this virus! I understand that you are worried about the symptoms you are experiencing such as chest pain. I would like to help you but I need more information to further identify the underlying cause of your illness. In the meantime, you can read further regarding the symptom of chest pain and how it can be related to COVID-19 infection, heart attack or even anxiety in the article below.

News about the COVID-19 is no longer a stranger to our ear. Now, it’s already 5 months since the virus starts attacking the earth, starting from China. Every time an update comes out, we always pray for a piece of good news, hoping this pandemic will end soon. The virus attack has affected every single aspect of our lives. From the Movement Control Order that kept everyone locked up in their homes, the fear of being infected by the virus led everyone to buy face masks, sanitizers, and even gloves until the shelves empty up to worry about every single symptom experienced in fear it might be due to COVID-19 infection.

As the symptoms of this infection are non-specific and can overlap with other health problems, this has caused a great deal of panic and anxiety among people when they experience the said symptoms. The World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health Malaysia have listed the most common symptoms in patients infected with the virus, which are sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and fever. However, many infected people are asymptomatic.

The coronavirus pandemic now haunts us every day. We would wonder every time we wake up with sore throat, cough or chest pain, is this COVID-19? The last thing you need to do when experiencing a symptom is to ignore it - especially the chest pain. It can be sharp, dull aching, squeezing pain or stinging sensation, doesn’t matter. Don’t ignore.

Chest pain due to a heart attack is usually described as your heart is being squeezed. Symptoms of chest pain should not be taken lightly, call the emergency line or immediately go to the hospital if you ever experience this. The question during this COVID-19 pandemic is how to tell if chest pain is due to the infection or is it due to extreme anxiety (also due to COVID-19)?

Anxiety can appear with a variety of symptoms. One of them is chest pain that comes out of sudden. Usually, those who experience it have sharp chest pain, heart palpitations and may be accompanied by breathing difficulty. These symptoms can be accompanied by anxiety and occur when a person is at rest. Some patients with this symptom say that chest pain comes when they think about the problem or are worried about being infected by the virus. Chest pain due to heart attack can also occur suddenly and usually spread to the back, neck, and jaw. Chest pain lasting more than a minute should be checked immediately even if you think it was nothing.

Chest pain due to coronavirus infection is most likely due to difficulty breathing and coughing. Usually, the chest pain occurs gradually over time and may not be noticeable at first. If you are also having other symptoms such as cough and fever, it is best to go to the clinic for a checkup and get tested.

These infections are inherently infectious, but to be overly concerned about it and harming your mental and physical health is something unreasonable. All you have to do is stay at home and practice good hygiene. Practice a healthy lifestyle and live your life without fear or overreacting. It's not wrong to be careful, but you should also be mindful.

Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms. Sort your problem worry-free from the comfort of your home by contacting your doctor online.

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