Can Garlic Water Really Kill The COVID-19 Virus?

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan
Updated on: May 9, 2020

Greetings. I am Tasya. I have few questions that have been lingering in my mind. I am not sure to whom should I ask but I think DoctorOnCall is the best platform for me to get some clarification. I recently received a phone call from my mother back in hometown. She adviced me to drink garlic water everyday as she came across the news that the water can help to prevent infection. I was taken aback when I heard of the news. May I know if it is true? I am very reluctant to drink it as the taste is very aweful. Please help me. Thanks.
Thank you for the question. First of all, I can understand youre confusion regarding the issue. Garlic water is one of the myth sthat has been spreading around especially during COVID-19 outbreak. Let me explain why it does not help to prevent from being infected with the disease.

The COVID-19 virus has already shocked the world with the loss of thousands of lives worldwide. However, it is too new to be identified and there are still many mysteries that yet to be solved. Therefore, there is still no effective cure for this dreaded virus. Countries known for pharmacological expertise such as the United States and China are actively working on how to deal with this mysterious virus. They also remain active in creating the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. This is because, if the COVID-19 vaccine is successfully developed , it can certainly reduce the daily mortality rate.

Because of this virus, there are ideas from the public that use traditional alternatives as a after cure remedy . The authorities greatly appreciate the pure intentions of those who also want to think of a solution to the disease that is still unknown. However, it is only in the form of words that suggest this traditional alternative to killing the COVID-19 virus. It needs to be investigated and at least scientifically supported so that other people do not take it for granted and become obsessed with this idea to the detriment of health.

Whatsapp, Facebook and many other social media are now being filled with news that garlic water can kill the COVID-19 Virus. On what basis is this famous ingredient in the world's daily cooking, functioning as a killer of this mysterious virus. Although there is no scientific evidence, some believe that garlic actually kills the virus such as in China, there was a case where a woman was hospitalized for swallowing 1.5 kilograms of raw garlic. What great news this has been to the people and especially to those who are willing to do anything to escape this deadly threat. 

In fact, garlic has the ability to fight germs in the body. Therefore, we see that the general public use garlic to prevent disease such as colds, using garlic together with high blood pressure medications as they believe garlic has the ability to lower the blood pressure. In addition, there have been studies suggesting that it may prevent the reproduction of coronavirus and that COVID-19 is one of the viruses under the category. However, there is still no scientific study that says garlic water is actually effective in killing this virus because of its relatively new and it only emerged at the end of 2019.

As we know, it is highly recommended that the world community adopt a healthy and nutritious diet of fruits and vegetables and plain water. However, this does not mean that garlic water has the potential to kill the COVID-19 virus. In addition, there is still no scientific evidence that garlic water can kill the virus. If it really works then the medical doctors and the researchers will use this as a cheap and affordable alternative instead of expensive and imported medical treatment such as Hydroxychloroquine and anti-virus. So don’t let social media affect you and use it wisely. Before disseminating this scientifically unverified practice, know your facts. Consult with authorities and health professionals before using garlic water as a primary treatment to kill viruses. 

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