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Women's health usually affected by vaginal discharge,irregular period,missing period and urinary tract infection.Vaginal discharge usually serves as a self cleaning agent for vagina but when discharge has a very noticeable odor, burns or itches, that's likely a sign for infection.Menopause and low estrogen levels are causes of irregular period, in some cases it could be solved conservatively by stress relieving exercises and losing weight.Actual cause of irregular period should be diagnosed. Consult our doctor online today at the comfort of your own home to find out the cause of your problem.One of the main reason to panic for missing period is pregnancy but there are other reasons that could cause your period to come later than usual.Missing your period is your first sign of pregnancy usually followed by tender breast which are growing.If you recently engaged in unprotected sex and is worried about the consequences, You can buy your Morning After Pill Here.You can take is as soon as possible or up to ‎five days (120 hours) after sex without birth control Or you can talk to a doctor through phone or video call and the medication will be delivered to you post-consultation.You get Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) when bacteria enters your urethra and reaches the bladder.