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Itchy Vagina With No Discharge Treatment Online

Are you having a vaginal discharge a lot lately? Are you having an itchy vagina? The bad smell of the discharge is making you feel very uncomfortable? Want to treat your Vaginal discharge? It might be signs of having a vaginal infection. Get you symptoms studied and treated by the best doctor online in Malaysia.

Frequently Asked Question

How to cure white vaginal discharge?

The treatment depends on root of the problem. If you have the signs and symptoms of vaginal infection, talking to a doctor immediately is the right choice as  delaying treatment can worsen your condition. The doctor can assess the cause from the symptoms presented. You can talk to a doctor via phone or video call and have your prescribed medication delivered to your doorsteps. To talk to the doctor now CLICK HERE.

What are the causes of white discharge?

Any change in the vagina's balance of normal bacteria can affect the smell, color, or discharge texture. Having an unusual white discharge or a foul odour can have few causes:

  • 1.Infections spread during sexual contact
  • 2.Vaginal yeast infection
  • 3.Bacterial vaginosis
  • 4.Menopause and low estrogen levels

Does white discharge equals infection?

Vaginal discharge usually serves as a self cleaning agent for vagina but when discharge has a very noticeable odor, burns or itches, that's likely a sign for infection.

What are the symptoms of Vaginal infection?

Now is the best time to call your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms, you can talk to the doctor via phone or video call and the medication will be delivered to you after the consultation. The following are the signs and symptoms of vaginal infection.

  • 1.Vaginal discharge changes color
  • 2.Itching
  • 3.Burning pain during urination
  • 4.Painful sexual intercourse
  • 5.Bleeding between periods

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