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Are you trying to find the right contraceptive method suitable for you? Want to have safe sex but unsure about all your possible options? A lot of contraceptive methods are available in the market to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Discuss a birth control method suitable for you by talking to the best Malaysian doctors online.

Frequently Asked Question

Side effects of birth control medication

Women miss their periods by a number of factors, some of the most common causes are:

  • Stress
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS)/Estrogen dominance.
  • Uterine abnormalities (fibroids/cysts/polyps/endometriosis)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications

What is contraception?

Erectile dysfunction can be easily diagnosed by checking your symptoms which include:

  • - Inability to to achieve an erection
  • - Having an erection too soft for sexual intercourse
  • - Trouble maintaining an erection

Types of contraception

Common side effects of oral contraceptives include:

  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill.  
  • Birth Control Patch.
  • Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)
  • Birth Control Implant
  • Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)
  • Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)
  • Birth control pills.

What other pregnancy signs besides late period?

Besides having a delay period, having tender, enlarged breast, frequent urination at night, and exhaustion. These are the signs indicating possibility of pregnancy. To be sure about your pregnancy,  you can take a home urine pregnancy test. Click Here to buy and get it delivered to your place within the same day

Which Contraception is right for me?

Preventing an unwanted pregnancy is a smart choice and a right one.The correct way to safe sex is to consult a doctor to discuss and get to know what method best suits your needs and your body. Discuss all the possibilities of contraception with a doctor via phone or video call on 

How is abortion done?

Abortion is illegal in Malaysia but you should call our doctors for advice

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