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Do you think you have dengue fever? Are you looking for the treatment of Dengue fever in Kuala lumpur? If you suspect of having Dengue fever, and want to start your treatment by a best doctor online in Kuala lumpur(KL),Malaysia. Talk to a doctor now via phone call or video call only on

Frequently Asked Question

What are the symptoms of dengue?

Dengue symptoms include:

  • -High fever
  • -vomiting
  • -severe muscle pain
  • -severe headache
  • -joint pain
  • -rash
  • -diarrhoea
  • -bleeding(severe cases)

What is dengue?

Dengue fever also known as Break Bone Fever, is a mosquito borne viral infection caused by Dengue virus carried by anopheles aegypti mosquito

How does dengue spread?

Dengue spreads through the bite of the mosquito. When mosquito bites the infected person it takes up the virus, and when it bites another person,the virus transfers to that person.

What is the treatment for dengue?

There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. It usually takes two weeks to recover. Medicine can be taken to ease the symptoms. Avoid aspirin as it can worsen the bleeding. You should drink plenty of fluids and have rest. Seek medical attention, talk to a doctor via phone call or video call and get your medications delivered to you.

Is dengue curable?

Dengue fever has no cure. Usually the symptoms resolves within two weeks. Always seek the advice of a doctor before starting or changing treatment. Speak to a doctor now via phone call or video call. CLICK HERE to talk to a doctor.

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