Bidis Cigarettes - Is It Really A Safer Modern Cigarette Alternative?

Are Bidis Cigarettes a Safe Cigarette Alternative? - DoctorOnCall

Get to know Bidis Cigarettes

Bidis cigarettes also known as rolled cigarettes are becoming more popular as modern cigarette prices are rising. Most of the bidis cigarette enthusiasts are among the villagers, especially the elderly. Lately, the demand for bidis cigarettes is increasing due to people's awareness of the dangers of modern cigarettes. But is this notion true? Bidis cigarettes are not harmful to health? Keep reading to learn more about bidis cigarettes.


How Bidis Cigarettes Are Produced?

Bidis cigarettes can be rolled using a variety of leaves including dried tembun or tendu leaves. Here is how to make a bidis cigarette:

  • Firstly, leaves will be searched and peeled. Later, the peeled leaves will be dried in the sun until dry. Once the leaves have dried, they are cut to the size of bidis cigarettes and tied together in small bundles to be processed and made into a cigarette.

  • Tobacco leaves are usually picked from the tree and then the midrib discarded. These tobacco leaves are then tied together, sliced ​​and dried for use with bidis cigarettes.

What Are The Differences Between Bidis Cigarettes And Modern Cigarettes?

Bidis cigarettes

Regular cigarettes

The production process 

The production of bidis cigarettes is much cheaper because the packaging is found naturally and the manufacturing process does not require special techniques.

The production of regular cigarettes using modern technology and the materials used requires higher costs.

The chemical content

Nicotine from tobacco used is the main chemical of bidis cigarettes. There are several other chemicals that also result from the burning of tobacco. 

Contains over 4000 toxic chemicals mixed to produce a cigarette.

Dangers to health

Although the quantity of chemicals used is less than regular cigarettes, the side effects are still the same.

Toxic chemicals used can cause various health problems especially lung cancer and so on.

What Are The Contents Of Bidis Cigarettes?


Although the nicotine content in bidis cigarettes is less than regular cigarettes,  

the side effects are more or less are same as regular cigarettes. Nicotine does not cause cancer directly, but it can induce cells to begin the process of carcinogenesis (cancer formation) and then continue to grow and live. In addition, nicotine also causes addiction. Take this quiz to find out if you're nicotine-dependent!


A carcinogen is a chemical that stimulates the process of producing cancer cells. Tobacco contains the chemical "polycyclic aromatase hydrocarbons" (PAH) that cause mutations in the p53 gene that are responsible for promoting the growth of cancer cells. Tobacco also contains N-nitroso which also causes the same effect.

3. TAR

Tar is a thick liquid that is black or dark brown and has a sticky nature. It is very easy to stick to the surface of the lungs. Excessive amounts of tar can complicate the gas exchange process that takes place in the lungs as well as promotes carcinogenesis.


Nitrogen oxide gas is more soluble in water compared to the oxygen gas that is needed by the cells in our body. Due to this advantage, it will compete with oxygen gas and cause difficulty in breathing. This gas can also cause inflammation of the skin and damage to the heart.


Ammonia gas consists of one molecule of nitrogen gas and four molecules of hydrogen. This gas has a very strong odor. The presence of this gas in the blood vessels can cause damage to some important organs such as the liver and brain.

How Can We Prevent The Harmful Effect Of Bidis Cigarettes

Although you have read or heard about the benefits of bidis cigarettes, especially from our grandparents, these bidis cigarettes actually have the same harmful side effects as modern cigarettes.

Most people switch to bidis cigarettes due to several factors including;

  • It is believed to contain less and less harmful chemicals, but this statement is a mere myth and no authentic study proves that bidis cigarettes are safe.
  • Cheaper and easily available.
  • Look great and different from others.
  • There are no warning signs in food premises & restaurants involving bidis cigarettes

Therefore, the community needs to be aware of the disadvantages of bidis cigarettes. Although the chemical content is lower, it is still destructive. To prevent the effects of bidis cigarette you should:

Quit Smoking

Although this statement is very cliché to the general public, this is the best way to prevent the ill effects of smoking. There are two ways to quit smoking that you can follow, either by doing it yourself or with the help of nicotine replacement therapy on the advice of a doctor.

You can follow DEAD's strategy if you want to quit smoking or see a doctor at a clinic near you.

D- “Delay” (delays every time you feel like smoking)

E- “Escape” (stay away from other smokers and places that can cause you to feel like smoking)

A- “Avoid” (keeps yourself busy with activities such as meditation and so on)

D- “Distract” (try to distract yourself every time the feeling of smoking arises)

Do not Try Alternatives!

Most smokers often look for other alternatives after quitting. Unfortunately, alternatives such as vape or shisha actually contain a much higher risk of cancer than bidis cigarettes. Bidis cigarettes are also not an alternative to quitting smoking. Although it has a lower risk, the risk remains a risk. This is like if you jumped from the 15th or 10th floors of the building, you would still suffer from severe injuries or death!


In conclusion, bidis cigarettes may be seen as harmless and safe to use. But it is completely wrong. Like regular cigarettes, bidis cigarettes also contain chemicals that stimulate the growth of cancer cells such as lung cancer, intestinal cancer and can cause heart disease. So, stop before it's too late. You can change it.

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