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Frequently Asked Question

What are the symptoms of Herpes?

Some people do not have symptoms at all. For those with symptoms, they will start with itching, tingling and discomfort. These symptoms include:

  • - Blisters on the genitals
  • - Sores around the mouth
  • - Malaise (feeling unwell)
  • - Vaginal discharge
  • - Pain when urinating

What is herpes?

Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease(STD) that anybody who is sexually active can contract. There are two types of herpes virus, herpes simplex type 1 which commonly causes oral herpes, can cause genital herpes through oral-genital contact and herpes simplex type 2 which is primarily transmitted through sexual contact.

How to treat herpes?

There is no medication that can completely cure Herpes. The doctor may prescribe an antiviral which will help to clear out the breakout faster and reduce the severity to symptoms.

Is herpes curable?

No,Herpes can not be cured but with the right treatment and medicine the symptoms can be managed.

How does Herpes spread?

Herpes is spread via direct contact of the skin of infected area. It can spread by kissing, vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex too.

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