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Frequently Asked Question

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted disease infecting both men and women. The infection can be found in throat, rectum and genitals.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men

Painful or frequent urination.Anal itching, discomfort, bleeding, or discharge. Abnormal discharge from the penis

Can gonorrhea be cured?

Yes, Gonorrhea can be cured. With the right treatment and medication Gonorrhea can be cured completely.

What is the treatment for gonorrhea? 

As soon as you suspect Gonorrhea, speak to a doctor via phone call or video call by CLICKING HERE. The usual treatment of choice for Gonorrhea is antibiotic. The medicine can be given orally or by injection. Only a doctor can prescribe you the medications by knowing your medical condition and assessing your symptoms. 

Does antibiotic help treat gonorrhea?

Antibiotic is the treatment for Gonorrhea. Only a doctor can prescribe you the right antibiotics depending upon your medical condition.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in women

Women usually mistakenly take gonorrhea symptoms as urinary tract infection. The usual symptoms include:

  • - Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • - Abnormal vaginal bleeding during or after sex or between periods.
  • - Painful or frequent urination.

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