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August 12, 2020 | Answered by: Dr Mohd Ramzdhan Bin Mohd Masdar

Hello doctor! My name is Amalina and I am a student in local university. I am currently staying at home with my housemate during MCO. I find it difficult to cope during MCO as I start to feel down and low in energy after 2 weeks of MCO. My body feels sluggish and I am tired of just staying home doing nothing. I hope that you can enlighten me with activities that I should do to keep myself fit and active.
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First and foremost, I would like to thank and congratulate you for having the courage to tell me about your problem. I understand that as a university student, it would be difficult for you to stay home during this MCO. I will definitely enlighten you with more information regarding activities that you can do to keep your body and mind healthy.

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases, many preventive measures have been implemented by the authorities including the government, healthcare agencies, researchers, scientists and individuals. One of the most crucial steps taken to prevent transmission of the disease is the Movement Restriction Order (MRO) that has greatly impacted everyone in every aspect of life. In Malaysia, we have been given the instruction to stay at home since 18th March 2020. Initially, the duration given was for up to 2 weeks. Nevertheless, with the spike in the number of infected patients and deaths, the MRO was extended. Many questions were asked. Why do we need to stay at home? What is the significance of staying put at home in helping to prevent the disease spreading? The scientists and researchers explained that this step will stop the chain of disease transmission. During this period, patients who are experiencing symptoms can be identified and tested. At the same time, the patients will not spread the disease to another person if they stay at home. 

Needless to say, staying at home for the whole two weeks can be very challenging to some people especially if they are extroverted and love to socialise with friends and others. With recent news of RMO being extended, some people started to feel desperate and tried to break the rules by hanging out in the public area without thinking of the consequences that they might face in the future. Infact, there are few people who remain oblivious by exercising in the park waiting to be caught by the police. There are many people who adhere to the rules of movement restriction order. Nevertheless, some people start to feel fidgety as they are out of ideas on what to do to fill in their time at home. When this happens, their mental and physical health start to be affected. Actually, there are many activities that can be done during this stay home period to stay fit, healthy and highly energized. This article will enlighten you with brilliant steps and tips!

Tips to stay healthy and fit are hot topics and have been mentioned many times in many articles. There is never a shortcut to staying healthy. The key is to live actively and eat healthy! Nevertheless, how to stay active and exercise if we cannot go out in the park and must stay home all the time? This is when technology comes into play! Make use of the technology by utilizing them for our workout activity. Start easy by just looking out for videos with various activities including Zumba, Aerobic and Cardio workout. You can exercise without the need of any fancy gymnasium equipment. To those who own the equipment, this is the time to wipe the dust off and make good use of them. If possible, carry out the workout routine with your partner or your children. This will definitely help you to bond with your family. If in the past you have no time to do these activities, then, this is the right time! Spend at least 30 minutes a day everyday and you can keep yourself away from feeling sluggish. Do not forget to keep yourself and family safe during your workouts. Remove all the hazardous objects such as carpet to avoid getting yourself into accidents. Always keep a First Aid box at home for you to prepare yourself with minor accidents. If the posture or position of your workout routine is too extreme, know your limit. Do not over restrain yourself! 

With so much time in hand, everyone will start to become creative including ladies and wives at home. There are so many recipes to try, especially the ones in their social media. In the meantime, choose wisely by trying out all the recipes that can help our body and minds healthy. Try to use more vegetables and fruits in our dishes. Regardless of whatever recipe that we have to get ourselves into, try to implement the healthy and balanced meal portions. Make sure to put a quarter of carbohydrates and proteins on our plates. As for the remaining half portions of the meal, fill them with fruits and vegetables. Healthy and balanced meals will keep you fit and sane when your stay at home. Cook your meals together with your partner and kids. Most of the time, these tips will ensure that your vitamins and minerals are adequate to keep your immune system at the right level. However, if you still feel unsettled, some supplements such as Vitamin C can do you no harm and keep your body feeling energetic. With all these tips and tricks, let's strive towards keeping your body safe, fit and healthy!

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