Poor Menstrual Hygiene Leads To Infection. How To Prevent It?

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Dear Doctor, I have a problem where I get a bad vaginal discharge every month after I got my period. Is this something to do with my menstrual hygiene or the sanitary product that I use? What can I do to avoid this problem from occurring again?
Dear Doctor, I have a problem where I get a bad vaginal discharge every month after I got my period. Is this something t... See More
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Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that every woman experiences in their lives. Your daily life and activities have to go on even if you have a period. However, menstruation is often associated with Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI) and is a major public health concern worldwide. Besides the issue about the infection itself that may lead to various complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility, a lot of the women who had this problem may not seek medical attention as it may be taboo for some people to talk about their private area. Three common infections associated with the RTI, related to poor menstrual hygiene are caused by Candida albicans (Candidiasis), Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus infection) and Trichomonas vaginalis (Trichomoniasis). Based on research published in the Journal BMC Infectious Disease in 2018, among 558 women who were tested, 62.4% of them were diagnosed with at least one of the three infections. The results of this study demonstrate a strong and consistent link between poor menstrual hygiene practices and a higher percentage of reproductive infections.
Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that every woman experiences in their lives. Your daily life and activities have to... See More

Use A Good Sanitary Pad

Poor Menstrual Hygiene Leads To Infection. How To Prevent It?

The sanitary pads should not only provide protection during the menstrual cycle, but the function should also include the physiological aspects and prevention of infection or disease such as pathological vaginal discharge. The women's intimate area is slightly acidic. It is important to retain this acidity because pH changes can initiate the development of harmful microorganisms. The normal vaginal flora in healthy women is highly colonized by Lactobacilli. The lactic acid produced maintains the constant acidity of the vagina.

Infections can occur if the balance of natural protection breaks such as poor hygiene care during menstruation. When the sanitary pads are in direct contact with the skin, the chance of accumulation of the microorganisms is higher. Candida albicans causes candidiasis, fungal infection and is the second most common reproductive tract infection (RTI) affecting up to 75% of women at least once. Poor menstrual hygiene management is said to contribute to a higher risk of RTI. 

Besides poor hygiene, sweating is another contributing factor to infection. No doubt sweating is a part of our physiological need, but it can be a nuisance during menstruation as it also promotes bacterial growth such as Streptococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and eventually causes discomfort and infection. According to a scientific report published in Nature Journal, the presence of bacteria Streptococcus aureus was detected in menstrual fluid in 40% of healthy women. 

Based on the above reasons, one of the features that should be highlighted when choosing the right sanitary pad is its ability to prevent the mentioned issues. Therefore, a pad with antibacterial properties is a must-have item for every woman.

Odour Control

Poor Menstrual Hygiene Leads To Infection. How To Prevent It?

A good sanitary pad should also offer odour control to inhibit bad smells, especially when using it for a long period of time. The odour besides coming from the blood can be worsened with bacterial growth. Other than concern for the infection that may be causing it, this odour issue may also cause mental stress and poor body image. Therefore a pad with maximum odour control and added with anti-bacterial properties are the best choice to eliminate this problem.

While it is important to get sanitary pads with odour control, choose odourless sanitary pads with biodegradable properties for exceptional comfort. Avoid sanitary pads with fragrance and chemicals that can irritate your skin and your private area. Pad added with natural plant essence is one of a good choice as it can control odour in a long hour without adversely affecting your skin and intimate area.

Material With High Absorbency And Offers Comfort

Poor Menstrual Hygiene Leads To Infection. How To Prevent It?

Bacterial colonization such as staphylococcus aureus is often associated with poor menstrual hygiene management. Another important criteria for choosing sanitary pads is how well they can absorb the blood flow under an extended period of time to avoid any bacteria colonization. It is a nightmare for a lady to experience leakage due to low absorbency especially during the first few days where most women have a heavy flow. 

Therefore, it is important to choose a super absorbent layer type of material because it has been thoroughly evaluated in many studies to prevent skin irritation, sensitization, dermatitis, bacteria growth and other skin infections. A pad should have a high absorption capacity, high moisture resistance as well as a highly absorbent core to help absorb the liquid more quickly thus reducing wetness even under applied pressure. The quick lock dryness technology and water retention ability of a sanitary pad will make you feel effortlessly comfortable even if you are using it for long hours.


Besides good absorbency, comfort is also an important factor to consider when choosing the right pad for you. Uncomfortable material can cause skin irritations which break the skin integrity and allow infections to happen much easier. Using a pad with material that offers you comfort is also important as you will wear it for long hours. It will be a nightmare if a pad gives you blisters, redness or rashes every month when your period decides to visit. 

One of the products that have taken our attention is the Kao Laurier Fresh Protect. This product has ticked all the boxes of a good sanitary pad that should be chosen by everyone. What’s so unique about it is, it has the ability to inhibit 99.99% of bacterial growth. 

The advancement of Kao Laurier's unique blend of Japan's SP+ Antibacterial formula with clary sage natural extracts can protect you from getting an infection due to poor hygiene during menstruation thus keeping your intimate area clean and healthy. 

Kao Laurier Fresh Protect sanitary pad also contains natural plant essence that effectively prevents odours for up to 10 hours. 

Worried about leakage? Kao Laurier also utilizes revolutionary suction-like power absorbs for advanced protection against leaks even if you have sudden gushes during your heavy period day. Japan Skin Stress-Free Technology of Kao Laurier products also allows you to wear it comfortably throughout your daily activities. 

In short, Kao Laurier Fresh Protect Antibacterial Care offers you all rounded protection with anti-bacterial care, hygiene and comfort so you can wear it with confidence.