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Hemochromatosis and low iron levels

My boyfriend has hemochromatosis but recently found out his iron levels were below average. Blood test results were taken again to test for reliability and same results. Tested for coeliac disease and he was tested negative for one marker and positive for the other. The specialist said that it’s unlikely he has coeliac disease and that the low irons level are due to him regularly donating blood (every 3 months) and his diet. Is it possible for this to be the reason when he is diagnosed with hemochromatosis? If not, what would you suggest we do to find out the root cause of this issue?

Dr Ramzdhan,

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Hi and thank you for asking us

Through the question and statement you gave on the above section, I completely understand your concern over this matter. For your information, genarally treatment for primary hemochromatosis is done by removing blood so that iron levels return to normal which also known as phlebotomy. Other treatments include, chelation therapy which is medication use to remove iron from the blood and release it through urine or poop. Chelation therapy is done when phlebotomy cannot be done in certain conditions. Having a change in diet also can be used to treat hemochromatosis.

Low iron level or iron deficiency can occur in cases of:

  • Not getting enough iron in diet
  • Blood loss as in heavy menstrual periods, regular blood donation, regular nosebleeds
  • Exercise
  • Inability to absorb iron

Thus the occurence of hemochromatosis and low iron levels can occur under certain conditions. But these are only general explanation over the matter. To get a proper diagnosis a few information and examination should be done.

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