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Clotrimazole and pregnancy

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Last Updated: January 26, 2021 10:10 AM

Anonymous 36 days

Can I use clitrimazole during my first trimester of pregnancy?

Dr Sri Viknarajan 36 days
General Practitioner

Greetings, thank you for your question.

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The following answers regarding your current queries are just general descriptions due to the limited information provided by you. Click on this link (DoctorOnCall) for a private consultation with our doctors.

Generally, topical (cream) Clotrimazole is considered safe to be used during pregnancy. However, the Clotrimazole pill is usually contraindicated. Notably, every medication must be taken after received a prescription by the doctor to ensure a holistic recovery.

Nonetheless, in order for us to provide you with a more accurate description & management, it is imperative that you consult the nearest available medical doctor in your neighbourhood.

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Last Updated: Tue Jan 26 2021 10:10:31 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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