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What is the vaccine for dengue fever in Malaysia?

Good afternoon Dr, I am a 17 years old male. I am thinking of getting a vaccination for dengue. But what is/are the vaccine/s for dengue fever in Malaysia?

Dr Ramzdhan,

19 days

Hello and thank you for the question.

In Malaysia, there is only one vaccine to prevent dengue fever: Qdenga. Qdenga works really well because it helps your body make strong defenses against the dengue virus. This means it gives you solid protection from getting sick with dengue. What’s great about Qdenga is that it works for everyone, no matter your age or where you live. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you live in an area where dengue is common, Qdenga has got you covered.

And when it comes to safety, Qdenga is super reliable. Scientists have checked it thoroughly to make sure it’s safe for everyone. So, if you want the best protection against dengue fever, Qdenga is the way to go in Malaysia.

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