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How effective is Qdenga in preventing dengue fever?

Hello Dr, I am thinking of getting a Qdenga vaccination but before that may I know how effective Qdenga is in preventing dengue fever?

Dr Mohd Izzat ,

2 months

Hello and thank you for your question.

The effectiveness of Qdenga in preventing dengue fever can vary depending on factors such as individual immune response, circulating dengue virus serotypes, adherence to vaccination schedules, and other environmental factors. Clinical studies have shown that Qdenga can provide protection against dengue fever caused by multiple virus serotypes. However, no vaccine provides 100% protection, and breakthrough infections can still occur in some vaccinated individuals.

Overall, Qdenga has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the risk of dengue fever in vaccinated individuals to up to 86.4%. It is essential to follow the recommended vaccination schedule and continue taking preventive measures against mosquito bites, as no single intervention can guarantee complete protection against dengue virus infection.

I recommend consulting with healthcare providers and adhering to vaccination guidelines can help maximize the benefits of Qdenga in preventing dengue fever. You can also make an appointment with DoctorOnCall.

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