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Can patients take both Dengvaxia and Qdenga vaccine?

I heard there is a new dengue vaccine called Qdenga. ive already had the dengvaxia vaccine before, should i get this new one too?

Good morning, and thank you for your question.

As Qdenga is a relatively new vaccine, it is difficult to determine its interaction with the Dengvaxia vaccine, as studies on this specific interaction have been minimal. What is clear is that the prerequisite for each vaccine, with Dengvaxia being suitable for those who have already been infected with dengue before, while the Qdenga vaccine is suitable for those who have not yet been infected with dengue.

This means that for someone who has previously been infected with dengue, either vaccines can be used. However, a person who has never had contact with dengue would be better off with taking the Qdenga vaccine to avoid any complications that might occur from taking Dengvaxia.

Additionally, studies have shown that Qdenga has a higher efficacy rating in testing as compared to Dengvaxia, making it the stronger and more effective vaccine of the two.

Although it isn’t recommended to take both the Dengvaxia and Qdenga vaccine, for someone who has to choose between either, Qdenga is the stronger option when it comes to dengue vaccine, with a more accessible requirement as well as a stronger efficacy compared to Dengvaxia.

For more information regarding this subject, whether to decide between Dengvaxia or Qdenga, or even whether to receive a dengue vaccine at all, you can consult a health professional with your enquiries.

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