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What is Qdenga dengue vaccination?

hi doctor, i wanna know about what is Qdenga? I’ve been hearing a lot about it on the news

Good afternoon, and thank you for your question.

Qdenga is a vaccine developed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals to combat dengue fever. It aims to provide protection against all four serotypes of the dengue virus. It has recently been approved by the Malaysian government for use here, and is a more accessible option compared to other dengue vaccines with more stringent health requirements. It can be given to individuals over the age of four, and has a high efficacy rating. Two dosages are required, given three months apart, for maximum possible protection.

Qdenga will no doubt be an essential vaccine for countries which are particularly susceptible to the dengue virus, which includes Malaysia and its surrounding neighbors.

If you have any enquiries about Qdenga and how you could possibly schedule a vaccination, consult a healthcare professional for further information.

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