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What is Dengvaxia and Qdenga?

ive heard about Dengvaxia before and recently learned there is a new dengue vaccine called Qdenga. if i were to get vaccinated, which one should i get?

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Thank you for the question, as it is a particularly relevant one for Malaysians.

Dengvaxia and Qdenga Dengue Vaccine are both vaccines developed to prevent dengue fever, but they differ in several aspects, including their composition, technology, efficacy, and availability.

The required dosages for each vaccine is different. The three dosages of Dengvaxia are usually administered six months apart from each other, while Qdenga only requires two injections within three months.

Dengvaxia requires the patient to have been previously infected by the dengue virus, as it has the potential to increase the risk of severe infections for people with no history of dengue infection. Qdenga has no such requirement and can be given to people who have or have not had the dengue virus, making it a more accessible option.

If you have any further enquiries about the differences between Dengvaxia and Qdenga and which one you should take, consult a healthcare professional for more information.

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