29 days

Is there a vaccine for dengue fever?

Hi doctor, I want to ask… is there already a vaccine for dengue? I hear dengue cases are rising more and more, I want to take precaution.

Dr Ramzdhan,

29 days

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your question.

Yes, several vaccines have been developed to prevent dengue fever. These vaccines aim to provide immunity against all four serotypes of the dengue virus. One example of a dengue vaccine is the Dengvaxia vaccine, which protects you against the dengue virus but can only be used on people who have previously had the dengue fever, limiting its accessibility.

Recently, Takeda has made a new dengue vaccine called Qdenga, which doesn’t have Dengvaxia’s strict requirements. It has also been tested to have a higher efficacy rating as compared to Dengvaxia.

If you wish to book an appointment for a Qdenga vaccination, or if you simply have any other questions about dengue or dengue vaccination, consult a health professional with your questions and requests.

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