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Sexual dysfunction problems

Answered by: Dr Sri Viknarajan

Last Updated: July 19, 2021 9:45 AM

Anonymous 11 days

I am 17 years old. For the last 3 months I have been going from doctor to doctor because of multiple symtomps related to my genitals.
My symtomps:

  • Three months ago my morning erections stopped occuring, and I can only achieve a rather weak erection, with watching pornography (I am virgin, but I could achieve strong erections without any porn in the past)
  • I have lost my sexual urges, and when I attempted to masturbate I did not feel any pleasure, even when I ejecuated.
  • Premature ejecuation during my attemts to masturbate.
  • My penis is harder than it used to be in flaccid state, especially when I am standing or working out, but It is better when I am lying, and it does not hurt.
  • There also is a little curve in my penis, which has been always there but it seems a little bit more leaning than it used to be. (Although I am not really sure at this point.) And the veins on it are slightly more visible that they used to be.
    I am asking for help because these doctors either did not take me seriously (since I am a virgin and young), or said that these problems are pretty serious, but could not diagnose me. I have been to 3 different urologists who all examined my penis and tecticles with their hands. My testicles and prostate had been examined by ultrasound, but not my penis. I have been to blood and urine tests as well. None of these had shown anything irregular with my body and so the source of my problems hasn’t been found.
    I know that trying to diagnose yourself via the internet is a bad idea, but I am quite desperate right now, so I started looking up medical forums and studies But that gave me more questions than answers.
    My main problem is that my symtomps don’t really match with any illness I have found. Most people with hard flaccid also feel pain and pleasure during masturbation, which two I comletely don’t. People with Peyronie’s disease usually have a scar – which I am pretty sure a urologist could detect – and a much bigger curve than me. I have also read that peope with sexual anhedonia don’t tend to have hard flaccid syndrome.
    So my questions are: Is there any other type of examination which I should have (Like using ultrasound on the penis or testing hormone levels)? Should I even worry or just wait for things to return to normal (as one of the doctors suggested)? Could It be some rather psichological problem? After speaking longer with one of the doctors he suggested that I might have depression (I am pretty lonely, anixous, antisocial etc.) and should see a psychologist, is that a good idea?
Dr Sri Viknarajan 11 days
General Practitioner

Hi and thank you for asking this question.
We understand you have multiple questions related to your sexual health and would try to help you with these questions.
There could be many issues related to all this questions you have asked,but only after careful examination can we come to a conclusion of what could be the matter.
Since you have met several doctors and they seem to have not come to a conclusion of what is the exact issue,we would like you to speak to a psychiatrist first.
A psychiatrist is usually the doctor for sexual health issues.
A psychiatrist would be able to exclude any psychological issues and to refer you to the doctor that you need based on a careful evaluation and examination of yourself.
If the problem is not physical,it could indeed be psychological thus we would like you to contact us for further advice and talk to our doctors online.
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Last Updated: Mon Jul 19 2021 09:45:21 GMT+0800 (Malaysia Time)
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