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It’s day 6 i had tonsilitis. Had swelling on left adenoid tonsils

Hi doctor. It’s day 6 i had tonsilitis. Had swelling on left adenoid tonsils. Now got better, can swallow. Pain has reduced from moderate to very mild. However on my left ear hearing is slightly buzzy and some slight stuffy feeling at the ears. Had to yawn time to time to pop the eustachian tube to feel comfortable. Should i continue with medication or seek clinical help to start antibiotics? As so far i only use thymol gargle and cough syrup to treat symptoms.

Dr Ramzdhan,

4 years

  • Hi, thank you for the question. Based on your symptoms, you condition is improving because you can swallow better and have less pain. The buzzing and slight stuffy feeling can be due to some infection in your middle ear as the eustachian tube (tube connecting your ear to the nose) is blocked due to the tonsillitis.

  • Thymol gargle is an antiseptic that can kills the infections of the tonsils, whereas cough syrup helps to reduce cough symptoms. I recommend you to continue with your current medications since your symptoms are improving. There is no need for antibiotics in your case as the most likely cause is due to viral infections. Antibiotics only be used in bacterial tonsillitis.

  • Doctor normally confirm the microorganism by taking throat swab from the infected tonsils. Tonsillitis normally resolved within 7-8 days after the start of symptoms. During this period of time, take more rest and drinks lots of fluids. Avoid the irritants such as smoke and cleaning products that can irritate your throat.

  • Always seek help from healthcare providers when you have difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, persistent symptoms, worsening symptoms and new symptoms occur. This should alert you to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Have a good day !!!

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